Series: After Disaster

It was bottom of August 2005 that Hurricane Katrina attacked the U. S. It damaged South West area widely and destructively.
More than 1,500 people were killed and injured. After the hurricane passed, big scars were left there----

At Motel Katrina

Date:01/28/2006 Software: Scanner & Photoshop 6.0

After Katrina left, people were not allowed to go to their home, and they had to live in a big refuge.
The refuge was called gMotel Katrinah before they knew. However, it was a camp rather than a motel.
An old woman wearing a blanket with the Stars and Stripes seemed to say, gIt is the destiny,h
and a girl next to the old woman was praying to see her missing parents and live them together and peacefully.


Date: 01/29/2006 Software: Scanner & Photoshop 6.0

 When he woke up, he was in a bed at a refuge.  At the same time, he noticed his mom, dad, and annoying little sister werenft there.
gI must go home!h  He got up and ran away from the camp with strong emotions.
Fortunately, his home wasnft far from the refuge. He ran and ran. At last, he reached his house,
but what he saw was the mass of the woods and steels.

These artworks are for the art magazine "Spindrift 2006"
published by Shoreline Community College Art Department.