Series: 911(Nine One One)

It has been 5 years since 2 airplanes dived into

the WTC building in Sepetember 11, 2001.

The news shocked people all over the world.

The memory of the accident is still in people's mind...

Hope in the Debris

Hope in the Debris

Date: 10/01/2006 Software: Scanner & Photoshop 6.0

Color: Water Color, Colored Papers(Washi, Textured paper)

After the plane attacks, the building dramatically changed.

That was llike the ruin of the death.

Probably, almost all people in the building didn't survive.

However, I bet little possibility that somebody survived under the building

like her ---- I rescued under the debris.

The Bereaved of 911

The Bereaved of 911

Date: 10/09/2006 Software: Scanner & Photoshop 6.0 Color: Colored Papers

My father was a firefighter.

He was a brave man,

and worked very hard

He was kind to us.

and always smiled.

It was one week ago that we knew he died.

Today is the memorial event of the firefighters died in their post of duty.

Our kids are really sad after you have gone.

But, I have to protect them instead of you

'cause they are our kids...